I Think It’s Really ‘God’s Move’ To Have RM As BTS’s Leader

Even if you say it’s because of luck that they grew popular in the beginning, 

I think the power of the leader and the members who follow the leader is important in maintaining their peak popularity for a very long time.


1. [+53][-2] It’s just ‘God’s move’ to have every single member.. If it wasn’t for these members, RM wouldn’t have been able to showcase his strength properly. They complement each other’s strengths and fill in for each other’s weaknesses. They’re not a group where only one member is doing well.

2. [+14][-2] The leader has really good leadership and the members also follow him well, that’s why BTS made it to this day. I’m always thankful for Namjoonieㅠ

3. [+10][-0] The 7 of them gathering together is just ‘God’s move’.

4. [+4][-1] First of all, Kim Namjoon’s English played a big part.

5. [+1][-2] Isn’t it ‘God’s move’ to have Bang Sihyuk as the CEO of their agency?