I hope they get rid of it. For real. They should just greet naturally when they see each other, like what BTOB said… When I watched that video it immediately reminded me of celebs who were criticised for not greeting formally… I also hope they get rid of sunbaes exposing hoobaes who give their signed albums and those who don’t.

Minhyuk: Now that we became the sunbaes.. we will gradually change that culture.

Peniel: Even going to the bathroom is a pain..


1. [+191][-14] But the issue is there are rude people who don’t even make eye contact and don’t greet anyone.

2. [+144][-22] Not just idols, the whole Korea is like that kekekekekeke I’m a high school senior and whenever people from 1 / 2 years below me bump into me slightly they bow 90 degrees and go ‘ohh I’m sorry’. I get more flustered than them, bowing my head and telling them it’s nothing.

3. [+114][-4] It’s really good to see BTOB saying that from a sunbae’s POV. I’m a fan of a group who’s close with BTOB, and the more I see them the more I think they’re a sunbae group whom everyone has a lot to learn from!

4. [+58][-0] The most bizarre things is when the artistes are gathered together to watch each other’s performances and when a celebrity comes in, they all stop watching and suddenly have to stand, bow and greet. When you’re watching a performance, can’t you just skip the greeting and focus on the act?

5. [+46][-0] That’s why they were like this during ‘Kingdom’.

Eunkwang: You don’t have to greet us like that.

Eunkwang: Take it easy.

Minhyuk: Nice to meet you x2

(10-year sunbae appearing) More than a week’s worth of greetings

6. [+38][-1] BTOB are really role model sunbaes.. wanting to change this kind of culture. I’m very proud that my bias group is close friends with BTOB. BTOB sunbae-nims, hwaiting!

7. [+42][-1] BTOB is so cool.

8. [+32][-0] This is out of topic, but Lee Minhyuk’s hairstyle suits him so well.

9. [+27][-0] This kind of backward culture can only change when there are seniors like this.

10. [+27][-0] I think its polite to greet the staff you work with but isn’t it strange to force greetings on people you don’t even know regardless whether they’re seniors or juniors? When at school, do we greet every senior even though we don’t know them? Keke even receiving it is awkward.

11. [+19][-0] The more you look at BTOB, the more genuine they seem…hopefully, this greeting culture will indeed change little by little, starting with BTOB.