Guys, emergency.

Look at Momo.


Momo-chan’s hair is R E A L L Y fxxking pretty.

Hirai’s hair this time is really pretty. Does anyone wanna come up with a name for her hair?

I’ve seen:

Half-moon hair

Choco-banana hair

Because her hair color is fxxking pretty kekekekeke People are saying those stuff.

Her hair really suits her a lot.

+) Sis-matching – Nayeon’s dyed hair

She is.. formidable too.


1. [+156][-11] Wow, I never found Momo beautiful before, she’s really pretty..

2. [+116][-4] I know Momo is pretty but I didn’t know she’s this pretty. She’s really fxxking pretty, it’s insane. I’m not her fan but I saved these pictures.

3. [+84][-4] Wow, fxxking pretty.

4. [+51][-2] Maybe it’s because TWICE’s main visuals are too fxxking pretty that’s why. When you look at Momo, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Dahyun and Chaeyoung individually they’re all fxxking pretty, seriously.

5. [+35][-1] Momo really suits see-through bangs that show her forehead just right. Since she dyed her hair, there’s an optical illusion that makes her dyed hair blend in with her forehead and that makes her hair suit her even better.

6. [+24][-1] Haaa, for real, as time passes I realise all TWICE members are so pretty.

7. [+18][-1] That color is exactly like what kids would dye their hair into kekekeke But it looks pretty when it’s on Momo.

8. [+16][-0] Her eyes (are so big they) take up half of her face.

9. [+12][-4] I’m glad this is an appreciation post.. I like Momo, that’s why I clicked on this feeling very nervous because I thought this was a diss post.. I’m surprised every time I see her Instagram, her hair color is really the best one so far.

10. [+11][-2] TWICE members were chosen well indeed. They give off the same vibe but each one of them have their own charm that’s why when they come together there’s a lot of synergy between them.. I thought the same for IZ*ONE as well keke

11. [+10][-0] I think this is the hairstyle that suits her most out of all of the ones she’s tried. I just find myself saving the pictures subconsciously. She’s fxxking pretty.