Irene – INFJ (assumed Wendy’s)

Seulgi, Wendy – ISFP

Joy, Yeri – INFP

Red Velvet


1. [+146][-140] She’s defo not an INFJ… INFJs have really high moral standards, for themselves too. Firstly, looking at how that happened, she’s definitely not one.

2. [+134][-2] I would’ve thought Yeri is E.

3. [+55][-2] I don’t think she’s an INFJ at all.. She’s probably ISTJ.

4. [+43][-1] Ohh that’s cool kekekekeke All of them have I and F.

5. [+35][-0] I don’t think Irene is an INFJ though… I’m an INFJ and she doesn’t feel like an INFJ..

6. [+29][-18] I’m not curious about Irene. I don’t want to see her.

7. [+23][-0] They’re all Fs.

8. [+22][-4] I’m curious about Irene’s MBTI. Looking purely at her face and her image, she seems like an ISTP.

9. [+21][-4] A group whose members are natural-born Es when they’re having fun among themselves.

10. [+21][-2] I’m an INFP and I totally agree that Joy and Yeri are INFPs. Sometimes I can see my personality and my strengths and weaknesses in them and that surprises me kekeke (No bad intent. No personalities have no weaknesses. A weakness for me could be a strength for a celebrity).

11. [+18][-2] Irene is 100% T… And also, aren’t Yeri and Joy obviously Es…