Seems like BTS V and Jungkook have similar features

They have the same short chin and when their faces are photoshopped together it looks super natural.


1. [+394][-16] This is legendary.

2. [+251][-15] Of course it’s this.

3. [+250][-18] Love chodings.

4. [+99][-0] Saved this because it’s super cute.

5. [+96][-2] I just wanna take these 2 with me and run away.

6. [+92][-0] Their eyes, nose and lips are similar and they’re of similar age. Their height and physique are also similar. That’s why they have good chemistry when they’re next to each other.

7. [+85][-1] Their visual combo is really good when they’re together.

8. [+83][-0] Having these 2 in the same group, how lucky is Bang PD?

9. [+82][-0] It’s fxxking funny how it’s 2 extremes when they’re carrying each other in their arms kekeke

10. [+75][-1] Bangtan soondoongies (pure, gentle people).

11. [+71][-1] They’re really so good-looking.