I was looking at Red Velvet’s video call fansign reviews just now and she really has the kind of face that’s fxxking popular with guys. Girls, well obviously kekeke The way she talks is really so cute.. She’s a good idol, she’s cute, pretty, has nice proportions, is kind – she’s just the ideal type of thousands. Seulgi is really so likeable..


1. [+54][-2] Mhm, surprisingly Seulgi has many male fans. I expected her to only have many female fans since she’s a girl crush, but the male : female ratio of the fandom is really balanced.

2. [+42][-2] I just find Seulgi likeable, why… Amazing Seulgi.

3. [+31][-3] She has the kind of face that’s really popular even in real life..

4. [+16][-0] Mhm, Seulgi has always had many male fans.

5. [+15][-1] She dances well and sings well, she’s a multitalented all-rounder… It’s even more amazing how huge the difference is when she is smiling vs isn’t smiling. Kang Seulgi is the best…❤️

6. [+11][-1] There are so fxxking many male fans among Seulgi’s fans. Just looking at the people around me, all of the guys who like Red Velvet are Seulgi stans.

7. [+9][-0] Offstage, she’s just like a normal human being, but she’s fxxking good onstage and I’m in love with her duality… I hope more people know that Seulgi is an all-rounder idol♡

8. [+7][-0] Seulgi has a LOT of male fans. All the guys around me like Seulgi.

9. [+6][-6] She really has the kind of face that everyone likes despite having preferences.

10. [+4][-2] I know Seulgi is pretty and kind, but saying she’s the ideal type of thousands is bullshit. Stop over-exaggerating.
11. [+4][-0] Seulgi really suits those bangs.