Seriously, it makes no sense that BIGBANG’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’ isn’t up there. And shouldn’t #1 and #2 be ‘Gangnam Style’, ‘Tell Me’ or ‘Dynamite’…?

+ Apink’s ‘NoNoNo’ isn’t there either.


1. [+303][-40] At first when they revealed #81~100, ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’ and ‘Through the Night’ were in the top 80s, 90s but ‘Cherry Bomb’ was #87, so I ignored it. But when everything was revealed, I saw that none of BIGBANG’s songs from their MADE series made it and that ‘Into the New World’ was ranked higher than ‘Tell Me’. 10 out of the top 20 songs were SM songs kekekekekekeke When I went to check where the research was done, I found out it was in the Seoul Music Awards? To explain what kind of place the Seoul Music Awards is: in 2019, they gave the Digital Song Daesang to Taeyeon instead of BTS, and in 2015 they gave the Daesang to EXO instead of BIGBANG. How can they be so ‘transparent’ about this ^^

2. [+243][-239] Why are you bringing in ‘Dynamite’ when talking about ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Tell Me’.

3. [+186][-7] Pretending to have fxxking objective standards but the ranking is fxxking subjective kekekeke

4. [+110][-26] I pity these fans of unpopular idols who are shitting on ‘Dynamite’.. Everyone except you guys agrees it’s a mega hit song ke

5. [+97][-1] I just finished checking it out, what’s this…? I don’t dislike LOONA, but do they deserve to be in the top 100? This is a famous song but I wondered if it’s just me who didn’t know it’s LOONA’s song so I gave it a listen – it’s seriously the first time I’m hearing it.

6. [+82][-136] ‘Dynamite’, what bullshit kekekeke Just go die.

7. [+81][-12] I thought there would be 2 to 3 BIGBANG songs in the top 100. Like ‘Lies’, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’.

8. [+64][-8] It’s fxxking too much how there’s not a single BIGBANG song in the top 10. ‘Lies’, ‘Haru Haru’,

‘Sunset Glow’, ‘Bang Bang Bang’, ‘Fantastic Baby’, where did all of this go?????

9. [+62][-4] It’s also strange how there’s not a single AKMU song in the top 100…

10. [+60][-2] It’s already strange how BoA’s ‘No. 1’ is #1. Just how many SM songs are there.
11. [+45][-0] I’m speechless about #1 and #2 as well, but the fact that ‘Cherry Bomb’ is at a higher rank than ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’ got me most speechless kekekekekeke