The promotions director said that today. He said even if he doesn’t really do any directing when doing a photoshoot with Jaehyun, the pictures are still A* level because Jaehyun is handsome.

He said, as a guy he finds Jaehyun very handsome that’s why he even asked the makeup team how it feels like to put makeup on someone that handsome.

Q. Member who looks amazing in real life?

A. Jaehyun-nim is really handsome. I think I’ve said this to Jaehyun-nim’s makeup team: how does it feel to put makeup on someone that handsome? Something like that kekeke


1. [+97][-5] From girls to guys, everyone finds his face good-looking.

MONSTA X’s Jooheon-nim said Jaehyunie is very handsome and that if he could be reborn he would wanna have Jaehyunie’s face kekekekekeke

2. [+88][-6] His skin in a press release photo.

3. [+80][-0] His body, his hair and even his skin is natural-born…

4. [+74][-11] You just can’t help it.. Even idols mention Jung Jaehyun’s good looks in real life a lot. They say his skin is fxxking amazing.

5. [+47][-0] Jung Jaehyun is handsome and even his skin is nice. I wanna steal Jung Jaehyun’s skin. If his skin looks so clear during puberty, he just has naturally nice skin.

6. [+34][-2] Haaa, fxxking sad that ‘Dear.M’ (drama starring Jaehyun) is gone (postponed indefinitely).

7. [+28][-26] Match the upvotes and downvotes on this comment!!! NCT 127 full album comeback on 9/17, please show lots of support to ‘Sticker’❤️

8. [+27][-3] He really has an actor-face.. I’m not his fan but I really hope to see him in movies or dramas soon.. He’s the most handsome in NCT. The 2nd most handsome one is the one called Jungwoo.

9. [+24][-38] I hope he leaves NCT and films dramas asap.

10. [+23][-2] Hopefully he starts his acting career and releases his solo asap while he’s still young.
11. [+23][-4] Why is Jaehyun’s physiognomy so good… I mean everyone looks different ㅠ

12. [+18][-0] Imo even in SM, Jaehyun is the main visual.

13. [+13][-0] .