1. [+137][-8] She’s really living the life of the female lead in a novel kekeke

2. [+124][-4] You won’t be able to ride those top foreign cars in your 20’s unless you’re a silver-spoon or a celebrity… I don’t think I’ll ever have the chance to ride something like a Porsche.

3. [+87][-1] Oh, insane. Yoona and Suzy also drive a Porsche. Looks like Jennie bought a Porsche too.. I;m jealous.

4. [+48][-0] Ahh was that a Porsche? I saw that pic and all I thought was ‘Jennie is pretty’. A Porsche, insane kekekeke

5. [+44][-0] Fxxk, I’m so damn jealous.

6. [+41][-1] Tbh I don’t even eny Jennie, because she’s too perfect. Fyi, I’m not her fan.

7. [+37][-0] Riding a Porsche in her 20’s, fxxking jealous…

8. [+33][-0] She said she got her license since she had to do the driving scene in ‘Lovesick Girls’. She’s the only one with a license in BP.

9. [+30][-0] The definition of God-life.

10. [+28][-0] Even if it was the female lead of a popular novel who’s being written like that, they’d get scolded for going overboard, seriously.

11. [+26][-0] Isn’t that a fxxking expensive car? It’s worth 200 million KRW.