Are you a princess?


1. [+138][-8] Jisoo’s pretty too, but the fxxking huge bouquet of peonies is insane as well.. Because of the interior design of the room, it makes her look more like a princess.

2. [+119][-11] Wow queen, you’re fxxking gorgeous… Princess material.

3. [+96][-7] Wow she looks prettiest these days…. Like a princess.

4. [+35][-1] You’re just the owner of the royal family, what are you gonna do…

5. [+33][-0] I think she’s the prettiest among all female idols.

6. [+28][-1] It’s the princess.

7. [+23][-2] I thought the title was a bit too much but after I clicked in, I was like ‘wow she IS a princess indeed’.

8. [+23][-1] Her visuals make her seem like she lives in this kind of place.

9. [+21][-2] The flowers are as big as her face!

10. [+20][-2] I fainted cus she’s too pretty and I changed my wallpaper straight away ㅜㅜ Saranghae, our princess.

11. [+18][-1] She’s always so pretty.