People were going mad on Pann discussing whether it’s a picture of his gf.

He said it’s a polaroid taken by Taehyungie recently when they did a collab with an artist from overseas kekekeke Phew.


1. [+373][-3] I’m speechless because the fact that people actually thought Kim Seokjinie would put a picture of his gf there is just.. ‘wonderful’.

2. [+219][-7] Do you think Kim Seokjinie with his personality is gonna do that kekeke

3. [+209][-8] I’m not really worried because I know Kim Seokjin is not gonna do that.

4. [+90][-4] People who don’t know Jin well, Jin definitely won’t catch your interest with hot issues like that. Wake up from your dreams. As the eldest in his group, do you know how hard he worked behind the scenes? And you’re saying that to Jin? Stop making things up out of nowhere.

5. [+70][-0] Seriously, if you don’t know Jin well enough, don’t talk crap. With Kim Seokjin’s personality, even if he was an ordinary person, he wouldn’t put a pic of his gf on the back of his phone case. Do you think he’s just an idol? kekekekeke Making a fuss out of such a minor thing and tryna drag a 9th year idol down like that, why don’t you use this time to care about your bias instead.

6. [+59][-1] Bastards who are talking crap saying that the polaroid is a picture of him and his gf. and those who were tryna diss him about the rumor of him meeting an artist from overseas in Korea and collabing, I feel second-hand embarrassment from you guys kekekeke

7. [+57][-0] He’s a person who wouldn’t even show the top of his head because he’s scared of getting into a hair loss controversy.

8. [+48][-0] BTS always hands their phones to their staff and to make it easy to look for their phones they even write their names on them. Why would he put a pic of his gf there… No words for that kekekekekekekekeke

9. [+37][-3] Anyway. he’s sinful. Because he’s fxxking handsome.

10. [+29][-1] It’s not that I don’t think he has a gf, he’s handsome and successful so it’s obviously possible that he has a gf… But Kim Seokjinie is definitely not someone who would show a pic of his gf when he’s gonna be live in front of few hundred thousand or even few million people, seriously. 

11. [+28][-0] V took the pic.