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Please show lots of support to Jungwoo as the MC of Music Core + to NCT 127’s comeback ❤️❤️❤️

Please love our Jungwoo a lot! From this Saturday onwards, he will be appearing on Show! Music Core as the new MC!! NCT 127 is making a comeback in September, so please show lots of support~ Our Jungwoo…. He’s a good kid who sends us messages on Bubble often…. He always starts by asking whether fans have eaten yet, and he always ends by telling fans to stay happy and healthy. If fans don’t know what songs to listen to, he gives song recommendations. If fans don’t know what to eat, he gives menu suggestions…. Those who are indecisive, use Bubble with Jungwoo. And do you know how much effort he puts into his performances on stage? Personally, his 190524 Music Bank ‘Superhuman’ fancam is one of my favourites…. It’s a stage that will light up your eyes, so those who haven’t watched it should definitely check it out! If you want to know more about Kim Jungwoo, you can watch the variety show called ‘Finding a Person by Kim Jungwoo’. Seems like their team created this because he’s good at everything, but that’s true, he is indeed. Our Jungwoo is someone who deserves more love, so please show him lots of love~~

STRAY KIDS Lee Know-nim, Kim Minjoo-nim the original MC, and our Jungwoo will form the new MC lineup for Music Core!! They will begin on August 14th, so please show lots of support to our puppy♡


1. [+98][-2] Picture of Jungwoo in real life.

2. [+67][-0] 29

3. [+64][-1] 8

4. [+50][-1] .

5. [+42][-0] His face keke Anyone can tell his face is saying ‘I’m from SM’.

6. 37][-0] Our 127 is coming back in September, please show lots of support!!

7. [+32][-0] Please show lots of love to pretty Jungwoo, his handwriting is cute too!

NCTzens!!! I believe it’s thanks to your support that I’ve made my way here! Big big thank you and I love you! I hope you’ll always be together with us forever! Let’s always be together! I love you! \

8. [+32][-0] Please show lots of support to Music Core.

9. [+31][-0] 9

10. [+27][-1] Guys, this is off topic but I’m proud that our Jungwoo is top among idols when it comes to communicating with fans… Messaging us on Bubble everyday is the basics. Not only does he come at midnight, reading each and every message from the fans and replying to them everyday, he even appears 2 / 3 times a day, what a cutie… As a reference, he came 2 times today and every time he will bring along beautiful pictures or hand written letters. He’s just so cute. Guys, let’s all love Jungwoo.

11. [+26][-0] 5

12. [+19][-0] My precious Jungwoo, I know how much effort you’ve made.