WJSN Eunseo

WJSN Yeoreum

I really envy athlete An San.

I wanna be born as.. An San in my next life…


1. [+189][-3] Every Korean thinks the same except for these people❤

An San should explain her use of misandry vocab.

Right now we are being led by the media.

The only way to establish a frame (of reference) is to keep the facts straight.

Will the fact that she won a medal disappear?

2. [+129][-2] Wow but I’m really envious. She’s at the top in her career and not only do the idols she like and respect know about her but they’re also supporting her and congratulating her, this kind of life is.. really awesome, I’m envious.

3. [+80][-0] Let me add this, I really like Jung Mansik actor-nim kekekeke He has his facts right. He was like what’s wrong with her using that word~ is that a crime~~ He was telling people not to swear and he also said he’ll apologise for swearing, but then he said this afterwards kekekekeke he’s the best.

Archery athlete An San has short hair, so what! xxxx? What? Malicious comments? I looked it up to see if they really..

Ahh these xxx they actually said all that?

Why? All judo athletes, men and women, have short hair. Why are you not saying anything about that?

You don’t dare to because you’re afraid you’ll get in trouble right? These xxxxxxxx!

What should I do with you people?

Don’t just stay at home, come out and have a look at the outside world~

Ah, you can’t come out because of COVID?

You’re such a pussy but you have so much to say? Do you have rice at home?

Who is feeding you?

Just live quietly while you feel grateful for the fact that you’re still breathing~

4. [+74][-4] In my next life, I must be born as MAMAMOO and WJSN,..

5. [+48][-0] Lee Youngji too.

6. [+41][-0] An San is a 3-time Olympics gold medalist at the age of 21… An athlete who’s receiving attention from the whole world… She’s living the ‘God-life’ with idol-level popularity, receiving congratulatory messages from celebrities. But then, Korean men are sitting in front of their computer screens in a corner of their room, not gonna lie, today’s another day where they can’t successfully hate on women and they’re showing off their gender, bullshitting all the way when really it has absolutely no impact at all. And here we are getting second-hand embarrassment and getting scolded because of them… After that they’re still not in the right minds and they’re stealing ordinary people’s personal information… The shameful quality of Korean men… Still shocking no matter how many times I see this.

7. [+28][-0] Members of LUCY also mentioned in their stories (mixed + team + individual) + I was surprised when I saw her comment in their live broadcast. They played all the songs that athlete An San wanted to hear, just for her.

8. [+16][-0] The band LUCY that Athlete An San likes posted on their official account immediately.

9. [+16][-0] LOONA too!

10. [+14][-0] Even if An San was eliminated from the round of 64, Koreans would still support An San. We won’t support the loser men who are in the corner of their rooms.

11. [+11][-0] + Hyeri, WJSN Luda and WJSN Seola.