Only 5 groups in K-pop history have renewed their contracts without having a single member leaving and have still retained their original lineup… Isn’t this daebak… I thought there would be more, but only 5 groups did that… It’s really hella surprising.


1. [+266][-74] It’s really legendary how SEVENTEEN didn’t send away a single foreign member and all 13 members ended up renewing their contracts;;; What’s this, are they really lacking?

2. [+168][-3] That’s fewer than expected..

3. [+97][-2] Pledis is blessed, following NU’EST, all members of SEVENTEEN have renewed their contracts.. PLEDIS please be nice to them.

4. [+68][-0] Is Shinhwa not on the list because they didn’t renew with their agency (SM)…

6. [+58][-4] There ain’t many compared to what I expected… I thought SF9 wouldn’t renew their contracts because the popularity difference between the members is too huge, but I’m really thankful that they decided to renew their contracts all together before their current contract ended.

7. [+52][-1] After leaving their agencies, Shinhwa is still together after 23 years and Brown Eyed Girls is still together after 15 years. I think they’re the most impressive ones.

8. [+51][-1] NU’EST♡

9. [+49][-6] Tbh I’m thankful.

10. [+35][-3] SHINeeㅠ They were never my bias group but I have always supported them,, I think they’re really an all-round group – they can dance, they can sing, they have good facial expressions, good physiques, good visuals,, By my standards, I think they’re a specimen for idols..ㅠㅠ

11. [+35][-0] This list was made by an international fan and it’s not that accurate. They only included groups who have renewed their contracts with their original agency and are still promoting after 2018. Obviously there are more cases of groups with all members renewing their contracts (originally, all 9 members of SNSD renewed their contracts, although Jessica left few months later), and there are also many groups who are still together even though they didn’t renew their contracts (Shinhwa, Brown Eyed Girls, etc.)