WJSN.. I Really Love Them A Lot..

They really have lots of good songs.. I’m sad because it seems like no one knows about them..

But still, I’m glad that people listen to ‘As You Wish’ like it’s a New Year Anthem..

The rest of their songs are also really good, I wish people knew about them..

They’re talented, they have stunning visuals, everything about them is good..ㅜ

I hope people can love WJSN more.

I hope their future comebacks will all be successful…… Please

I hope they stay together with UJUNGs for a very very long time..

I really hope lots and lots of people know about WJSN..

If you ask me to give you song recommendations… I can do that with all my heart.

If you want me to introduce them to you I can do that.. Just tell me…

I can give you as many pictures as you wish too…

Please take a look at each of the members..ㅠ

Let’s be happy… Let’s be together always… Let’s be healthy..


1. [+59][-6] But looking at STARSHIP, even compared to big agencies, their visuals are insane. WJSN, MONSTA X, IVE, etc. Obviously their music quality is amazing too, really.

2. [+51][-11] They’re really the best girl group, but their agency isn’t pushing / promoting them enough, what a shame.

3. [+38][-1] I fxxking love ‘Renaissance’.

4. [+14][-0] BoSeolLu (Bona, Seola, Luda) is the best..

5. [+14][-0] I like concepts like ‘Dreams Come True’ the best.. I listen to ‘Renaissance’ and ‘Masquerade’ so much like crazy. For title tracks, I think ‘La La Love’ is really the hidden gem.

6. [+13][-0] I really liked ‘Unnatural.

7. [+12][-0] STARSHIP, it’s also an impressive ability of yours to achieve only this little when you have BoSeolLu.

8. [+7][-0] I seriously don’t get why WJSN is not popular… Every single one of their songs are amazing, and their visuals are no joke too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ.. Seriously, check out their stage mix videos just once please.. Their faces are so beautiful, their outfits are so pretty, and their songs are so good too, it’s really fun to watch. Also, the atmosphere within the group is also really great ㅠㅠㅠ I really hope they can become more popular I just.. love you so much, WJSN.

9. [+6][-1] I’m a MONBEBE who treats Dayoungie like my daughter, they’re all really pretty♡♡♡

10. [+6][-0] There are rumours about them participating in Queendom 2, I hope it’s not just a rumour.. If they appear on that show, they’re really gonna do super well and win.

11. [+4][-0] WJSN really has lots of stunning visuals – Bona & Seola are already known for their looks, Luda is also freaking pretty, and Eunseo as well.