This is weird


1. [+547][-334] Because Taeyeon’s sister is natural?

2. [+352][-14] Same, I don’t look like my siblings at all.

3. [+194][-24] Why does Taeyeon look alike with her older brother then? The IQ of haters is really keyboard warrior level.

4. [+166][-31] Taeyeon spends lots of effort in maintaining her beauty and she’s also gotten plastic surgery, of course they don’t look alike.

5. [+138][-17] That lunatic is here in the comment section~ Looking at the comments, it’s obvious what the intention of this post was. Taeyeon lunatic ah, you keep on saying aggros are writing these posts but this post was made by you right~~ Don’t give them attention.

6. [+123][-9] Her older brother is handsome.

7. [+104][-4] Yang Sechan and Yang Sehyung don’t look alike either. 

8. [+78][-11] Their nose and chin look really alike though. Seems like every generation in their family has nice noses. When I see their pictures, many times it feels like I’m seeing Taeyeon.

9. [+74][-3] Try searching up Taeyeon’s older brother, they look the fxxking same kekeke But I don’t look like my siblings at all too, when we’re outside we just say we are friends.

10. [+62][-2] My younger brother and I look like strangers as well.

11. [+58][-1] But there are cases where siblings don’t look alike, just because she’s Taeyeon’s younger sister doesn’t mean they have to look alike. I don’t look like my younger sister either.