This is their original height difference

But during the ending of Arin & Soobin’s ‘No Rules’

How low is CHoi Soobin going with his manner legs kekekekekeke

+ ‘No Rules’ Soobin fancam when he’s by himself

Arin is too pretty here

Congrats to Akong MC Music Bank 1st Anniversary, let’s see each other for a long time❤️


1. [+160][-3] But the visuals combo of these 2 is really good

2. [+108][-1] In the beginning as well kekekekeke The ‘No Rules’ stage is really beautiful.

3. [+64][-0] Ah fxxk kekekeke The manner legs pic is fxxking funny

4. [+42][-2] If you have time, watch Soobin’s ‘No Rules’ fancam please, it’s heaven…

5. [+42][-1] Are they really not hidden siblings? Their visual combo is insane.

6. [+41][-2] Akong is probably gonna be MCs for longer right guys tbh

7. [+40][-0] Guys bring this one to 50m views, let’s go

8. [+32][-32] Congrats to Akong’s 1st anniversary, please look after me in the future as well, let’s see each other for a long time ❤️ Agree or disagree ❤️

9. [+31][-0] Akong is so so beautiful.. Guys, let’s see each other for a long time

10. [+28][-1] Both of them are so pretty in today’s endingㅜㅜ

11. [+26][-0] Choi Soobin’s proportions are awesome