Studio Choom’s Behind was uploaded today. 

You’re just monitoring, do you have to be this handsome? 

Serious nun-ho-gang (eye candy) 


1. [+124][-5] Insane beauty. 

2. [+108][-2] What’s with Huening Kai, he’s like a model. 

3. [+88][-0] There’s no longer any foreheads remaining for me to smack. 

4. [+38][-2] Wha- seriously. 

5. [+36][-1] eol-gul-jjang-XT (Handsome-Faces-XT) 

6. [+35][-1] Tbh everyone in TXT is handsome so if you’re gonna pick and hate on their visuals it does 0 damage to them kekekekekeke 

7. [+33][-1] Seriously they’re all handsome and I find it amazing every time I see them. 

8. [+32][-27] Agree or disagree please. 

9. [+29][-0] For real, TXT has all different types of handsome.. Yeonjun looks like a cool playboy, Subin looks like a pure exemplary student, Beomgyu looks like he’s straight out from a comic, Taehyun’s 100% a snow filter with pronounced eyes nose lips, Hueningie is like the protagonist of a high teen drama…