The teaser was uploaded just now, Kim Yerim is fxxking pretty.

Red Velvet ReVel Irene Seulgi Wendy Joy Yeri


1. [+155][-18] As expected, Yeri x refreshing style is the perfect match.

2. [+98][-15] Beautiful princess.

3. [+95][-128] Fxxking ordinary.

4. [+80][-9] Really fxxking beautiful. I’m looking forward to the photocards this time.

5. [+72][-74] What’s so insane about this… Why are you guys overreacting so much.

6. [+55][-55] Agree or disagree❤️

7. [+46][-17] Look at the number of downvotes kekeke Our fxxking beautiful Yerim is a superstar

8. [+36][-2] Those who are bullshitting saying she looks like an ahjumma, go look in the mirror please… SM is in the process of suing malicious commenters, people who leave such comments, do you not think about the consequences keke Even if you delete your comments it doesn’t help~~ You guys are gonna receive charges soon.

9. [+36][-23] Ah!!!!! I have always thought that Yeri looks like someone, it’s f(x) Luna.

10. [+35][-62] She looks very ordinary. If you go to any female high school, you’ll see this kind of face everywhere.

11. [+20][-3] She looks like Kim Wonho-ssi’s wife.