Surprisingly BP is involved in many controversies about their dancing skills.

Their dancing abilities are not good, you can tell it’s serious if they can’t even match the rhythm when dancing compared to other groups. 

Tbh it’s not the first time Jennie’s involved in a controversy.


1. [+336][-148] TWICE should practice their vocals.

2. [+298][-75] Compared to other girl groups, BP’s choreos indeed tend to have less details and there’s more resting in the middle of their choreos. They don’t really use their lower bodies.

3. [+228][-68] It’s obvious you wanna diss their dancing, you’re best at grabbing the hair of (hating on) the JYP girls.

4. [+130][-11] If all you do is diss them on Pann, what damage will you do to them kekekekekekekekekeke

5. [+103][-13] Wow BP’s diss posts are appearing because JYP diss posts are appearing. Fxxking obvious kekekekeke

6. [+90][-13] It always feels like BP is dancing with ease and changing their hand gestures slightly during their concerts, the post written by this author seems like an aggro post… If you watch BP’s music show stages and dance practices, they’re definitely not dancing only with minimal effort.

7. [+87][-78] I agree with this. They are the most serious ones.

8. [+74][-2] Here they are, these sons of bxxches targeting and crowding at this post. Don’t give them attention.

9. [+63][-20] Surprisingly Jennie is worse than Jisoo. At least Jisoo tries to follow now, ever since the start Jennie really stands out because she only puts in minimal effort when dancing.

10. [+62][-1] The faked number of upvotes are dope, insane.

11. [+57][-3] You’re really making a diss post so obviously. Sons of bxxches are going mad targeting this kekeke Go ahead and try to bring them down, BP is talented in the eyes of the public anyway.