BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Appearance in <No Prepare>

They say Jisoo will be the first guest of Season 2 kekekeke Must be fun

BLACKPINK Jisoo Rosé Jennie Lisa Lee Youngji No Prepare


1. [+56][-2] Heol wtf, amazing af

2. [+49][-1] But Jisoo is known for being a lightweight drinker though kekekekeke She’s gonna be adorable, I want to watch it soon

3. [+43][-2] Looking forward to the Lee Youngji x Jisoo duo kekekekekeke

4. [+31][-0] Jisoo is an ‘alcohol rubbish’ (Korean slang for lightweight) though

5. [+18][-3] Is Season 2 of <No Prepare> coming out now? I like Jisoo cos she’s pretty, gotta watch this episode then