The archer still feels it’s a pity keke


1. [+308][-10] But I can kinda relate to this. Let’s say, I want my bias’s song to be played when I receive my diploma during my graduation ceremony but if they play another song I would be really upset kekekeke But this is not a graduation ceremony, this is the Olympics.

2. [+221][-9] In case this will attract aggros, talking about the artists is prohibited.

3. [+215][-3] BP’s song is obviously good as well ㅠㅠ Rather than focusing on the artist, I hope we can focus on the fact that ‘the song being played wasn’t the song requested by the athletes’ instead.

4. [+110][-1] But normally is it even possible to make that kind of mistake because of confusion…? Didn’t they do that on purpose? I heard they insensitively put the Korean flag the other way round. It’s not their first / second time.

5. [+82][-1] Win one more medal and you can listen to ‘Dynamite’~~~

6. [+66][-50] I feel like that will ruin their mood though?

7. [+61][-0] It’s a once-in-a-lifetime Olympics stage, if I were them I’d think it’s a pity too if I won and made a song request but they ended up playing something else ㅜㅠ

8. [+51][-0] It’s not whose song it is that’s important, it’s just that they must be fxxking upset keke ㅠㅠㅠ But obviously this is the Olympics and they should do their job right. What are they doing?

9. [+44][-0] Summary: ‘Boombayah’ was played yesterday (women’s team), as well as today (men’s team). Looking at that, there’s a high chance that the song was changed by mistake yesterday.

10. [+41][-0] Whether it’s BTS’s song or whoever’s song, please don’t make such mistakes… It could be their first time as well as their last time in the Olympics, can you put in a bit more effort?

11. [+37][-0] Why are you not playing the song the athletes requested after they won a gold medal? If it’s not serious do you think they’ll talk about it in the interview! If you’re gonna do that then don’t ask them what song they wanna hear~~