I am the person who uploaded a post about ITZY Lia’s school violence on another forum. I know very well that some people will forget and do not want to know about this, that’s why I was torn between whether or not I should write this. I said all I wanted was an apology, but seeing how she’s still promoting despite not giving any explanation, I’m still  feeling very stressed to this day, and I’m tired from always seeing her in my dreams. I am writing this post because there are some misunderstandings arising from unclear parts of the story that I want to correct.

First of all, the person who made a post about being bullied was me and one other friend A. We did not know each other before the post, after which we got in touch, received police investigations and shared the process with each other. During the 3-4 hours (roughly) of investigation, the police told me to gather as many witness testimonies as possible from friends who could prove that I was in fact a victim of school violence. Therefore, I submitted a testimony written by a friend who was also there during the incidents and a friend who did not post anything on forums but was also a victim like me. Later on, friend A told me that the investigation proved Lia innocent. After that, I received a letter from the police as well saying the same thing, and we got in touch again. At first, I had to prove that I was really bullied and I thought ‘even if this gets covered up I’m not going to do anything anymore, as long as I receive an apology’, because the whole process just reminded me of everything I suffered from and it was absolutely miserable.

However, what I got in return was JYP’s reinvestigation request. On June 17th, friend A called the police in charge and asked about how things were proceeding. This was after JYP’s statement release about their request for reinvestigation, but when the police checked, they said the request had not been made. No one knows about this aside from friend A and I. The truth is, we saw all the comments cursing us, saying ‘she was proven innocent and a reinvestigation was also carried out, she did nothing wrong’, and we felt really hurt. Another friend (not A) who claimed to be a victim as well told friend A that this is not something they want to recall and so they didn’t write a statement to the police, but they said to ask them for help if needed, if the reinvestigation were to really proceed. 

On June 16th, I received a call from the friend who was there when I suffered from school violence, the one who wrote a statement. She told me that ITZY’s manager contacted graduates from Shinsong Middle School and asked them what Choi Jisoo was like in school back then. They were contacted by Lia’s cousin who also graduated from that school, and her cousin contacted other classmates as well. It was already hard for us to accept the school violence, and this was after the statement requesting a reinvestigation was released. It was not just that friend, they got in touch with many other friends. On June 18th, another friend was on a call but they said even if they told the truth they’re afraid they’re gonna get in trouble so they’re gonna leave it to other people who knew better. On June 24th, another friend was contacted by their manager. This friend told what they knew, including the fact that Choi Jisoo’s mom was the head of the school violence committee. They told me about a story they heard from other friends : When they were in Form 1, the group they’re in made a classmate whom they’ve always hated stay after school and Choi Jisoo was going to say something to them. When someone else was about to close the door, she said, ‘don’t close the door, if you close the door this is going to the school violence committee’. I don’t know about any other classmates whom they had contacted apart from this. 

On June 18th, the police in charge called friend A and told them that Lia’s lawyer would like to meet both of us. Although she told the police she’s going to reply before the end of the day after we have made our decision, it was a situation where we are receiving criticism from netizens on many different forums, and we decided we should not act hastily, so we told the police that we do not want to meet the lawyer, but instead we want to receive an apology directly from Lia. Therefore, the police gave us the lawyer’s number but we never contacted them. 

And then, on June 21st, we heard from the police in charge that the director of JYP’s Artist Division 2 wants to meet the two of us, and we received their business card on the 22nd. On July 2nd, despite being afraid, friend A took the courage to call the number through caller ID restrictions and recorded the call. She called through caller ID restrictions just in case because she was anxious about her personal information being spread. During the call, the person in charge of ITZY was there with the director. Friend A asked them why they only wanted to contact us now when they didn’t say a single word following the post we made about Lia’s school violence on the forum. They kept on avoiding the question by saying they want to talk about that when we meet up. Although friend A expressed that we want to meet Lia face to face and receive an apology from her, otherwise we are not going to meet them. However, they only replied saying they will at most consider letting us see Choi Jisoo, and they kept on repeating that they want to meet us first. The director asked friend A to give their number but they refused to. The call ended with nothing being settled, only saying that they will get in touch later again. After that, even though friend A and I could call them up again, we never did so because we didn’t want to feel any more stressed from hearing them repeat the same thing over and over again.

I wrote this post because I’ve been having nightmares all the time recently and I’ve been feeling extremely stressed. I’m having a really hard time because no one knows about this truth. I received permission from friend A to write this post, and it was not easy to get in touch with them as they kept on avoiding me due to their very serious situation of enormous stress.

I am uploading this post hoping that everyone will be aware of the truth. However, the criticism I had suffered from in the past was due to the huge spread in other forums. Therefore I hope this stays in Daum Cafe. Please do not bring this to other forums.

I hope you can give a second thought to any misunderstandings you have had, and I hope you can control yourself in the comments you leave and the posts you make about this.. Thank you for reading this long post. 

Just another thing, I don’t know where I heard this from, but apparently after Choi Jisoo transferred to another school, she returned to Shinsong Middle School but did not graduate in the end.

They wrote this post so I’m bringing it here.

I’m not the author of this post.


1. [+635][-13] What a pity for the victims. They gathered statements from their friends to prove the school violence but all they received was ‘Lia is innocent’ and curses from her fans…

2. [+634][-15] Seems like this is slowly turning into the truth keke Seems like JYP is stepping on fire, even the director is making calls.

3. [+621][-40] This kid is seriously grabbing onto ITZY’s ankles (ball and chain for ITZY), from various aspects. 

4. [+258][-6] Poor author. Not only were they a victim of school violence, but they are also called here and there by JYP staff, and they are getting scolded so badly by JYP fans, sigh..

5. [+256][-7] I looked for this because it was so shocking. On the day the school violence controversy broke out, she appeared on Bubble as if nothing was happening.. That’s really daebak.


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Lia, is the school violence thing true?

6. [+224][-3] So they were only trying to brainwash the media and shut people’s mouths because they didn’t actually put forth a request for reinvestigation with the police. *trembles*

Although they stated that they are planning to request a reinvestigation,

It was confirmed that they did not put forth such a request afterwards.

After that, they were going around contacting her classmates and asking about her middle school life,

and she kept on promoting with the group.

The director knows the fact that the victims know about this.

They asked them for the reason but there was no response regarding this.

7. [+222][-11] Fxxking disgusting. ITZY fans who were cursing the victims saying that Lia’s proven innocent are really heartless.

8. [+211][-7] Apparently her mother was the head of the school violence committee. It gives me goosebumps how she’s still smiling and promoting as if nothing has happened.

9. [+192][-5] The dirty thing about JYP is, when the school violence controversy of their trainee broke out, JYP did not admit by brainwashing the media talking about ‘personality’. But ITZY and SKZ are like the rep idols of JYP and Lia / Hyunjin are the main vocal / center of their groups. You’re not making them leave the group but you’re talking about how important ‘personality’ is to JYP? Fxxking bullshit.

‘Personality is our first priority’… JYP, Yoon Seobin past controversy -> Reason why he quit within 3 days

10. [+164][-4] Why does the victim have so much to prove and explain ㅜㅜㅜ

11. [+154][-8] JYP should stop talking about ‘personality’ from now on kekekekekekeke Pretending to have integrity but none of them are actually like that, fxxking disgusting~