(from left to right):

Kim Jedeok -> D.O., Kim Woojin -> Kim Taewoo, Oh Jinhyek -> Ko Changseok,


1. [+583][-5] D.O. Korea Fightingggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!! Fxxk kekekekekekeke

2. [+434][-4] KooooreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaFightttttttttingggggggg~~!~!~!!~!~!~!!!!!!

3. [+411][-0] Ko Changseok is really… is he a doppelganger…..

4. [+168][-2] During the match between Japan and Korea, the Japanese archer (Muto Hiroki) looked like Sung Sikyung with glasses on, and it’s also fxxking funny how they called him Su Sikyung (Sushi + Sung Sikyung) kekekekekeke 

5. [+113][-0] Reminded me of this the moment I saw it kekekekekekeke His legendary Seol Gayo Daesang (Seoul Music Awards) speech…. They told him to give a speech but he screamed instead and was being dragged away.

6. [+95][-0] When Do Kyungsoo had a buzz cut he looked like Kungya the rice ball, so I’m gonna approve this.

7. [+87][-0] Team Korea Hwaiting!!!!!!!

8. [+75][-1] Ever since a long time ago fans have been saying that Do Kyungsoo looks like Kungya the rice ball as well kekeke

9. [+63][-0] Kyungsoo.. feels like he screams very well kekekeke

10. [+53][-0] kekekeke

11. [+53][-0] I thought he looked more like this actor though.