Whenever I listen to them, I always feel it’s lacking a bit, but idk who’s the problem.


1. [+317][-14] Lia’s singing is not main-vocal-level. And also, none of their vocal tones are special, they’re all similar. This is the biggest problem.

2. [+182][-11] Of course Lia is the problem. Not only is she unable to sing well. but her singing also sounds frustrating.

3. [+110][-1] When they sing high notes, it feels more like they’re shouting than singing, that’s why it’s a bit frustrating to listen to.

4. [+96][-0] If ITZY continues to showcase their dancing only, they certainly won’t be successful. They gotta touch up their vocals.

5. [+95][-1] Ryujin, Yeji and Yuna all have similar clear voices.