Fxxking good, so damn good. Their abs are fxxking awesome………. SF9 Taeyang wore crop tops too, I hope this gets spread on male idol Pann, such a beneficial culture.

When he wears a white crop top, it’s innocent sexyㅠ


1. [+156][-1] Isn’t it too erotic.

2. [+102][-3] I used to fxxking hate it when male idols wear crop tops, but I changed my mind after seeing I.M wearing it in ‘Gambler’.

3. [+62][-2] People don’t find it weird when female idols wear crop tops but why when male idols are wearing crop tops, I don’t get why people find it weird and they even get so mad about it.

4. [+41][-0] What’s wrong with crop tops? How hard must male idols have worked out to keep fit just to wear crop tops. I feel like they should wear them more and make it a trend. Only by doing that will the male idols who work out hard gain confidence, giving them a chance to show off their bodies keke

5. [+35][-0] I used to find male idols in crop tops ew as well but after seeing MONSTA X and SF9 I changed my mind. They look even cooler when they dance in crop tops. They must be masculine and have muscles to suit crop tops. 

6. [+34][-1] Who made this a trend… They really deserve an award.

7. [+31][-0] Wow Shownu’s body is really insane.

8. [+27][-3] The male idol who suits crop tops the most by my standards….

9. [+25][-0] He suits so well.

10. [+22][-0] Good

11. [+19][-0] The masculine beauty is dope. It’s a fantasy if idols with a thin waist and wide shoulders wear crop tops.