WJSN Dayoung Friendship With Monsta X Is Making Me Fxxking Speechless..

I’m a MONBEBE and I’ve always been jealous about WJSN & MONSTA X being close friends..
In my mind, the thoughts of ‘it’s normal’ and ‘but they’re idols’ have been fighting. And because I always see them, I just started watching a few videos of Dayoung and all of a sudden I feel like I became an UJUNG.. She’s really so talented, insider Dayoung.. What.. Unnie.. Do you wanna marry me..?

+) I didn’t expect this to make it onto Talkers’ Choice, and everyone’s telling me to chill.. It’s not like I was super mad thinking ‘How dare you be friends with my boyfriend? tsk tsk’, I just envy their friendship, something like that.. To UJUNGs / MONBEBEs who misunderstood, I apologise ㅜㅜ


1. [+117][-2] She’s really so talented to the point where it makes me wonder what she’s gonna do if she didn’t become an idol. Her talent is just overflowing.

2. [+70][-0] This story is fxxking funny – when Dayoung was a kid, she cried because she got scolded by Exy and the MONSTA X dads were like ‘daughter~ why are you crying?’ and they gave her snacks kekeke

3. [+53][-0] Dayoungie’s personality is so loveable wherever she goes, so even if it was me I’ll like her a lot. Also, my friend once saw her in real life, and they said she’s really like a princess. In the end, she’s a princess herself.

4. [+52][-0] So thankful that even Shownu is taking care of her. I’ll…. Wait till 2023.


Ahh also, after 1 year, dad Shownu also asked to do the challenge together, but because there are so many requests LMAOOOOOOOO

We’ve decided to do it in 2023.

5. [+25][-0] Ahhh me too kekekekekkekekekeke I was a tiny bit jealous but the more I watch the more I realise how freaking talented she is. She’s so cute and funny ㅜㅜ