On July 24th, ‘PTD’ was #1 and ‘Butter’ was #7.

On July 31st (today), ‘Butter’ was #1 and ‘PTD’ was #7.

It’s already very impressive how they have 2 songs in the top 10!!


1. [+295][-4] It’s Butter’s turn this week~❤ Sorry PTD~~^^

2. [+239][-3] They are taking over for the whole of June and July kekekekekekeke

3. [+220][-4] + They are the first artist to have their own songs exchange #1s for 2 weeks in a row.

They have created history on Billboard as the artist to produce 5 #1 songs in the shortest period of time, following Michael (who produced 5 #1 songs in 9 months and 2 weeks in 1987~1988).

4. [+75][-74] Make this an agree or disagree comment please!!!!!

5. [+70][-1] Ya….. We’re #1 for 9 weeks in a row now………

6. [+60][-1] It it something like this? BTS who won BTS! who won BTS!

7. [+52][-2] ‘Spring Day’ and Butter kekeke

Music Charts Super Rookie

Does our ‘Spring Day’ finally have a friend now?

Korean Music Charts Rep

Overseas Music Charts Rep

8. [+51][-0] Jimmy Fallon’ prediction.. Do we have a Falstradamus now? (Nostradamus is an astrologer who predicted many major events)

9. [+48][-1] Heol… We did a baton touch again?

10. [+48][-1] 7 is really destiny.

11. [+46][-0] Even though they’re famous in the US, there are usually very few core fans. But BTS has so many core fans even the US is shook.. I’m extra proud of them because they’re getting #1 even under this whole discrimination thing that’s going on! Let’s fly even higher!