They’re so thick-faced it seems like they have a steel plate on their face. Shouldn’t they do a skin biopsy?


1. [+882][-187] I don’t get why Irene is allowed to be on TV.

2. [+474][-24] There are so many downvotes even on this kind of post. Seems like there’s a ton of kids in the world who want to be abused.

3. [+392][-26] It’s funny because it’s too obvious where the downvotes are from keke

4. [+268][-2] I don’t fxxking understand the whole self-reflection thing kekeke Why are they ‘self-reflecting’, they should just leave the industry.

5. [+253][-15] ex) Soojin, Hyunjin, Hyorin, APRIL Naeun

6. [+184][-3] It’s fxxking funny how school bully members are promoting themselves with an innocent image kekekekekekeke

7. [+160][-0] I really hate those who support the Communist Party too.

8. [+130][-6] Agreed ㅠㅠ Idols involved with power harassment and idols who have left malicious comments in the past as well ㅠㅠ

8. [+110][-6] Why are Irene and Hyunjin appearing on TV.?? How do they have the face to?? And the fans who are welcoming their comeback, are they lunatics seriously?Just because they’re not the victims, fxxk.

9. [+109][-5] Are you talking about the one who joked about cursing someone’s parents? The one who returned so thick-faced after resting for 3 weeks? And it didn’t even seem like they were ‘self-reflecting’ during that period?

10. [+102][-6] Hyunjin, please quit the group. School bully idols are absolutely disgusting.

11. [+78][-6] Look at Hwang Hyunjin’s fans gathering in the comments keke