What are the Heights of the SKZ Members? They Look Shorter Than Jang Wonyoung

When they’re on their own, I didn’t know they were short

But now that Wonyoung is beside them, they look short


1. [+160][-5] Apart from Hyunjin, everyone else is probably shorter than Jang Wonyoung. From what I know, they’re all low 170s if not even shorter

2. [+119][-47] Wonyoung is 175, of course they’re all shorter

3. [+94][-4] They never revealed their exact height so idk, but no one is >180 

4. [+92][-2] Yea they are short

5. [+38][-69] Ah kekekekekekeke still talking about their height? keke don’t you get tired of it