This was (G)I-DLE Miyeon when she first debuted.

This is her recently.

It’s not plastic surgery, but how did she become so much prettier?.. Miyeon did not stand out to me when (G)I-DLE first debuted, but now I think Miyeon is the prettiest,,


1. [+385][-13] Her has a really cold skin tone but she had brown hair at first. She dyed her hair black and she found the type of makeup that suits her best.

2. [+274][-9] Just like WJSN’s Seola, she lost weight and found a style that suits herself that’s why she became so much prettier.

3. [+188][-10] She has always been pretty, it’s just that she’s now found a style that matches her more.. She’s always been the prettiest.

4. [+93][-2] Miyeonie was pretty even when she was a little kid.

5. [+84][-5] She looks exactly the same as her old pics.

6. [+51][-3] Ordinary person Jo Miyeon❤️‍

7. [+46][-1] I think brown hair looks pretty on her too though.

8. [+42][-2] Junior high Jo Miyeon❤️‍

9. [+32][-2] That’s because they styled her in a way that doesn’t suit her, she was fxxking pretty even at first.

10. [+31][-2] Because of Miyeon, I once again realised how important personal color is… It’s not that her styling before was the absolute worse, but because it didn’t match her skin tone, it didn’t make her face look good. It’s fxxking amazing how she looks so much prettier now even though she still has the same eyes nose lips and ears.

11. [+29][-27] Author, can you please delete this post.. ㅜ Please agree or disagree to prevent aggros from coming at our Jo Hyunsook (virtuous).