I was listening to the song and I feel like everyone on Enter-talk knows the song so I asked in the 10’s category. And when I woke up, my post was on Talkers’ Choice. I was planning to delete the post but I’m gonna leave it since there are many song recommendations in the comments. Also, I’m not a fan, nor am I tryna promote them…. People are saying things so I’m gonna change to Enter-talk.


1. [+155][-2] ‘You Were Beautiful’ is also good but based on my taste I think ‘I Loved You’ and ‘I’m Serious’ are better…… Guys listen to these songs please.

2. [+120][-5] DAY6 are the real ones. Their songs are fxxking good.

3. [+108][-3] Ah fxxk I cry everytime I listen to that song. How did Kang Younghyun come up with those lyrics.

4. [+73][-0] ‘Days Gone By’. ‘Time of Our Life’. These songs are really so youthful and refreshing.

5. [+70][-0] Please listen to ‘Letting Go’.. It will rip your heart open.

6. [+64][-0] After My Days recommend ‘You Were Beautiful’ to non-fans, it’s a ‘national rule’ (must-do) for them to listen to ‘Shoot Me’ and ‘Sweet Chaos’.

7. [+56][-0] Their recent song ‘Right Through Me’ is also hella good.

8. [+41][-0] If you like DAY6’s songs, you should definitely listen to ‘I Loved You’…

9. [+40][-0] Piano man in ‘You Were Beautiful’… But now he’s in charge of composition as well.


10. [+36][-0] I’m not their fan but I like ‘Love Me Or Leave Me’? That song is just good..

11. [+35][-0] Isn’t this song fxxking about fake first love?