It’s fine if you guys like the SKZ you guys have always liked, but it annoys me when you guys are hyping Hyunjin up when you’re hyping up SKZ.. Can you not control yourself?


1. [+95][-15] People don’t hype him up, they’re tryna get people to diss on him on purpose.

2. [+63][-3] It’s been a long time since STAYs have stayed away from Fan-talk; Those who are hyping him up even under this situation when he’s receiving so much criticism are 99% ‘cosplaying as fans’ and tryna make others scold him. Even if they’re really a fan, other STAYs fxxking hate them.

3. [+62][-7] No but honestly how can those who keep on saying Hyunjin’s ‘fxxking handsome fxxking handsome’ everyday be their fans…

4. [+40][-20] People who say they’re not their fans but try to hype him up are funny.

5. [+24][-13] I support SKZ without Hyunjin.

6. [+24][-4] My friend’s a fan of SKZ and when she told the author who wrote the post about seeing the teaser to prove that they’re not a fan the post got deleted immediately kekekekekeke Just play among yourselves lol.

7. [+19][-9] Hyunjin is just.. he needs to go to hell.

8. [+18][-1] Saying you’re ditching Enter-talk but there’s so many comments from you people. Guys, don’t give these people attention.

9. [+17][-13] Seems like fan-talk STAYs dunno how crazy extreme fans of Hwang Hyunjin are…

10. [+15][-1] No but~ did Hwang Hyunjin’s fans post it?

11. [+13][-8] Hyunjin ah, leave the group.