Speaking of this… Anyone can tell she has the ‘SM face’.

Don’t doubt, guys❤


1. [+309][-29] The one who debuted after training for only 3 months.

2. [+263][-136] It’s just a gossip that’s not even confirmed (there was news about SM’s CEO Lee Sooman reportedly dating Giselle’s aunt and gifting her an apartment). Isn’t really low and disgusting to tell people to shut up? You Pann-nyeos really suit the word ‘i-ddae-sib’ (used to tell people to shut up).

3. [+168][-8] Seems like you have to be born right.. She only trained for 100 days keke Her starting point is different kekeke What a pity for the trainees who left the agency.

4. [+113][-41] I understand why you guys wanna diss on Giselle, the author of that post is from ‘geol-seo-wi’ (Girl Group Hierarchy Management Committee) so don’t agree with them. They’re a lunatic who goes around dissing on all female idols. Your fav is gonna be the next victim, so you really shouldn’t be following them and dissing on Giseele.

5. [+98][-20] For real, their backup dancers are prettier.

6. [+96][-6] Well because Giselle’s aunt is dating Lee Sooman, of course it’s thanks to her backer keke

7. [+43][-1] I felt the importance of face profile after seeing Giselle.. keke

8. [+43][-12] Although it may sound cheap and dirty to say this but having a backer is also an ability. No matter where it is, there’s always backers.

9. [+42][-146] Very long legs relative to her height, her proportions are unbeatable + her rap skills are fxxking good + she can speak 3 languages + her singing and dancing are above average + K-pop fans say she has a really charismatic personality, etc. She managed to debut because of these reasons, so worry about yourself~


10. [+42][-0] Although your skills and visuals play a part obviously, luck is also important.