aespa’s Encore Live Stage kekekekekekeke

Faw kekekekekekekeke

They’re fxxking good.

It was better than AR (CDs, music on streaming sites)

They’re so fxxking good at singing kekekekekekekeke

I’m so speechless. These kids are doing great, why have they been getting criticised and scolded this whole time? Cus I mean they’re fxxking good.


1. [+102][-8] Ningning and Winter slayed their high notes.

2. [+92][-10] No but seriously ㅠ Just from looking at aespa’s singing on radio shows and variety shows, you can tell they’re really good at singing live. Pann’s the only place where they’re getting dissed so badly. Luckily there was the encore stage, they were just about to get dissed again.. Wear your headphones and listen to this encore stage, it’s really daebak.

3. [+33][-0] Even an AR-removed video was uploaded haha Pann-nyeos can’t diss them anymore, ‘oh no’.

4. [+25][-2] People kept on making assumptions that they can’t sing well. That’s just fxxking disgusting, seriously.

5. [+17][-1] All 4 of them are all-rounders with no specific positions assigned to them. All 4 of them are great.

6. [+25][-2] It was disgusting that there were so many people here making assumptions that they couldn’t do it. Seriously.

7. [+15][-0] If you listen with earphones, you can hear Winter and Giselle coming out live on the left while NingNing and Karina comes out live on the right.