MELON Male Idol Group All Time Cumulative Listeners Ranking
1. BTS – Spring Day
2. HIGH4, IU – Not Spring, Love or Cherry
3. BTS – Boy with Luv
4. iKON – Love Scenario
5. BTS – DNA
6. BTOB – Missing You
7. WINNER – Really Really
8. Wanna One – Energetic
10. BIGBANG – Bang Bang Bang
11. BTS – Fake Love
12. BTS – Blood, Sweat & Tears
13. BEAST – On Rainy Days
14. BIGBANG – Lies
16. N.Flying – Rooftop
16. BIGBANG – Flower Road
16. EXO – Growl
20. BTS – Dynamite



1. [+183][-22] BTS has 7, insane. 

2. [+145][-35] Kya look at them, BIGBANG slayed it. Love them really. 

3. [+142][-26] Im Hyunsik, youuu really…. 

7 / 84. [+110][-170] In reality when you go to a stock market in Yeouido and play ‘Spring Day’ there, no one will know whose song it is. 

5. [+93][-83] Just to express my view, rather than being popular, it’s more like BTS has the biggest female fandom compared to all other male idols that’s why they’re snatching all the top ranks. When I go Karaoke, I’ve heard guys in the room nextdoor sing BIGBANG songs but I’ve never for once heard anyone singing BTS songs. 

6. [+52][-5] ‘Lies’ is insane kekekeke It’s a song from 14 years ago.. at that time the number of MELON users was merely a rat’s tail (very little).. 

7. [+52][-41] Talking about ‘Growl’ like it’s some national anthem. 

8. [+46][-2] The post on Talkers’ Choice yesterday lowering BTOB WINNER and iKON to the 3rd and 4th tier but lifting those who didn’t even make it into the chart to the 2nd tier is just fxxking funny. Being in the 2nd tier but no one knows their songs except their fans, how can you call them 2nd tier? 

9. [+42][-3] Looking at how there’s still many people who sing BIGBANG songs in the karaoke, their songs are really legendary. 

10. [+40][-9] ‘Dynamite’ is really amazing. This is a chart for cumulative listeners, but the song made it into the chart despite only being released last year late August. 

11. [+29][-7] Seems like even the members who produced ‘Spring Day’ didn’t expect it to be so successful. Still being on charts is just really.. The word ‘zombie’ suits most.