Rosé and Jennie’s Update – in LA Today 


1. [+133][-26] BP gives off American high teen vibes. Zero sense of disharmony. 

2. [+117][-24] Their connections are insane,, 

3. [+91][-15] RoJennie  

4. [+63][-6] Oh they’re model+DJ Simi & Haze.. Their super handsome younger brother is the best friend of Kendall Jenner. 

5. [+42][-42] Agree or disagree comment please. 

6. [+38][-6] Zero sense of disharmony even when Rosé and Jennie are next to hot unnies. 

7. [+35][-3] RoJennie 

8. [+31][-13] Why is Jennie so cool and Rosé so pretty *shivers*. For real, they still slay even when they’re next to fxxking beautiful westeners who have pronounced features. 

9. [+30][-6] Wow the unnies beside them are fxxking dope. Their faces are pretty of course, but their poses are no joke kekekekekeke Rosé’s also fxxking pretty when she’s next to them. 

10. [+27][-3] We didn’t know because BP was silent about this. Amazing. But I’m hella curious how they got close. 

11. [+24][-3] We don’t know who BP are close with until they upload pictures kekekeke