Aespa dances in suits
Aespa dances in suits

Because it’s Aespa Company ver that’s why suits were voted. Karina Giselle and Winter wearing a crop-top inside their suits, are they serious….. kekekekekeke if we knew it’d be like this we should’ve voted for animal pajamas. 

Ningning is the only one wearing super tall heels, because the heels are so thin she can’t even walk properly kekekekekeke 


1. [+460][-33] Indeed, they look good, but the reason why we female fans love it when they wear suits is because it’s not revealing. If they have to wear super tall heels and crop-tops, it’s a bit- 

2. [+454][-92] ? Is it just me who thinks they look beautiful? 

3. [+299][-22] Yea they’re pretty but if only Ningning changed her shoes then it would be alright. 

4. [+268][-22] No but those who voted for Company ver do y’all really wanna see them wear crop-tops and high heels so badly? We wanted to see them in smart, handsome full suits that’s why we voted, but what is this, you think this looks pretty??? Is this bullshit? And also their choreo is so powerful, if they’re wearing such tall heels they can’t even dance properly. 

5. [+185][-6] Her heels look fxxking uncomfortable. Actually they do have difficult moves. 

6. [+171][-26] For female idols, it seems like they don’t give them clothes that don’t reveal their tummies. 

7. [+157][-255] Why are you guys forcing Megalia’s (South Korean feminist online community) mindset onto them? 

8. [+121][-8] “If it’s gonna turn out like that, should’ve voted for animal pajamas instead” bullshit LMAO. Aespa said so many times they wanna wear animal pajamas but look at who just ignored them and chose office look instead kekeke Just stfu and enjoy. 

Ning Ning: Animal sounds good. 

Ning Ning: Animal pajamas sounds good too. 

9. [+110][-68] Cannot understand people who finds this uncomfortable kekekekekekekeke they’re performing, ofc they’re gonna wear pretty clothes. It’s just bullshit when you complain about them wearing crop-tops. 

10. [+99][-6]  It was so obvious the members wanted to wear animal pajamas, look at who just persisted and told them to be quiet LMAO they wore that because of you who voted and now you’re saying “If it’s gonna turn out like that, should’ve voted for animal pajamas instead~” Bullshit… It’s just fxxking tiring to lower myself to your levels.