During the 27th Dream Concert held on June 26th, Aespa delighted fans of both groups by tweeting a cute and heartfelt thank you message to their sunbaes!

“ITZY sunbanim thank you~!! We are so happy we could finally meet you at the Dream Concert!! Thank you for treating us to drinks” 

In a gesture of friendship and goodwill, it seems Itzy bought Aespa some watermelon juice to beat the summer heat and netizens are living for it.

“ITZY was born in 00~03 and Aespa was born in 00~02, so they are almost the same age, so I hope we can become friends^^”

“Itzy is already a senior ㅠㅠ Time goes by so fast, welcome to the friendship of female idols..”

“I want to get a drink from Itzy too..”

“Support the friendship between the two groups 🥰🥰”

“I want to watch Itzy and Aespa perform together”

A collaboration between Itzy and Aespa? Yes please!