Itzy Yuna and Jang Wonyoung
Itzy's Yuna and Izone's Jang Wonyoung

They’re similar age as you but they’re pretty, talented, popular and successful. Every year when it’s their birthday, they receive birthday wishes and presents from thousands of people. Idols like them, 

Thumbs up if you’re envious 

Thumbs down if you’re not envious / you have no thoughts on this. 


1. [+175][-11] They earn so much, they’re pretty and their lives are glamorous, of course I envy them fxxk LMAO Is this even a question? 

2. [+104][-3] I envy them. Actually really envy them for being able to do whatever they want in life, and also how they could live their once-in-a-lifetime youth so glamorously. And how they earn so much as well. 

3. [+73][-4] From what I see you definitely uploaded this 100% for receiving hate…^^ And also you just had to upload this in the 10’s category. Seeing how you didn’t remove the post even when told to, it’s obvious what your intention was. 

4. [+45][-2] It’s not that I envy them for being successful I’m just envious of how much they earn. Even if I have to live life doing what I dislike, I still can’t earn as much, they can (maybe) do what they like while earning so much. 

5. [+43][-2] I envy them, but because they’re just in a different world from mine, I don’t have much thoughts. 

6. [+35][-35] Dunno why but I feel like this is gonna attract aggros. Before that, just make my comment half agree half disagree… 

7. [+30][-1] I envy them but I don’t feel inferior. It just makes me think “Oh there’s people living such lives, that’s incredible”, nothing else. 

8. [+30][-11] “Shin”(God) Yuna 

9. [+28][-2] How can I not envy them? Though I also envy people who win the lottery, celebrities like them earn way more than what you get from winning the lottery and they also receive so much love. 

10. [+23][-2] I just find it unbelievable how they’re the same age as me. It seems like they’re in a different world. 

11. [+23][-7] Jang Wonyoung is R E A L young & rich, fxxking dope kekeke