Am I the only one kekekeke. I just thought Winter looked like Taeyeon when she’s with aespa, but when she’s standing next to Taeyeon, she doesn’t really look like her.


1. [+326][-46] That’s a bit of a stretch, she has the SM-face. I feel like fans purposely associate Winter with Taeyeon all the time.

2. [+323][-11] I really never thought they looked alike.

3. [+194][-13] They never looked alike in the first place. They’re both pretty in their own ways. Why are you always comparing them?

4. [+92][-49] Aespa’s fans never went around saying they look alike, the comments (accusing aespa’s fans) are funny kekeke

5. [+51][-50] Why do y’all have to insist they don’t look alike.. Not just me, people around me as well as those who are not K-pop fans all think they look alike.