How is NMIXX’s ‘Love Me Like This’?

It’s an addictive song, but I don’t know if it’s MIXX POP

The MV feels low-budget, so I feel like it has Wonder Girls vibes.

I expected it after watching the teaser, but it was the last part

The song is fine

NMIXX Lily Haewon Sullyoon BAE Jiwoo Kyujin


1. [+237][-29] It’s fxxking good though LOLL When it’s MIXX POP, people say that it doesn’t suit the taste of the public and whatnot, but now that they removed the MIXX from MIXX POP, people say that it doesn’t have any personal colours of NMIXX, bullshxt.

2. [+184][-20] I’m addicted to the part that goes ‘love me like this’

3. [+170][-23] It is certain that the chorus is addictive af

4. [+164][-94] Jiwoo’s tone is too burdensome

5. [+131][-6] To be honest, I think the title track was chosen well. Among the recent songs by JYP artists, it is the least childish and it is clean.