How Do Y’all Find IVE’s ‘Kitsch’??

The sudden change of vibe during the chorus seems unconventional


1. [+309][-26] The intro sounds so damn good… The chorus is a bit like a pop song, but I like the intro better

2. [+270][-20] It’s only a b-side, so there’s nothing to evaluate in depth, but are they targeting international fans? The chorus feels like it’d be popular among people overseas. By the way, Jang Wonyoung’s voice in the intro is really good. I don’t know if it’s because I stan another group, but it’s the first time I’ve heard this voice.

3. [+223][-12] The chorus seems passable, but since it’s a pre-release single, well… But surprisingly, everything else was freaking good except for the chorus

4. [+213][-15] Well, I guess it’s alright for a pre-release b-side track? Honestly, aside from the chorus, the rest is fxxking good. But the chorus only feels, passable…? But for a b-side track, I think it’s good to listen to it lightly. The MV is also pretty af.

5. [+212][-10] I don’t think it’s bad for a b-side. It was alright up until right before the chorus, but I think the chorus is meh. But still, they’ve always been good at choosing songs, so I’m looking forward to the title track.