NMIXX Needs To Get Rid of Gyujin and Jiwoo’s Parts

Jiwoo’s singing style where she flips her unique voice upside down is too cringy

For Lily’s case, it’s only a matter of whether her vocal tone suits your preferences, but objectively speaking anyone can tell that she improves the quality of their songs and she absolutely kills it with her skills. With Jiwoo, preferences are even more important in determining whether you’re gonna like her singing or not, and it’s not like she’s very skilled either..

I feel like in the first place, the only NMIXX members who don’t have this preference issue are Haewon, Sullyoon and BAE (limited to ‘COOL (Your rainbow)’ only), all of them control their voices when they sing…

I understand that Gyujin is good at dancing, and I get why she’s selected as the centre, but she is goes way overboard and she’s strangely cringy when she sings.

The 4th gen trend is naturalness and easy listening, but should I say Gyujin tries too hard that’s why it’s too much? Her facial expressions are too much, and her dancing as well.. Her characteristic eye roll is especially burdensome. She looks like a male idol being mocked as a crazy king


1. [+144][-1] But do they always have to follow trends? There are groups like this and groups like that. When they actually come up with a really natural and easy-listening song, y’all are just gonna say they’re copying NewJeans..

2. [+138][-3] Ehh, I actually think if it wasn’t for the bright tone their songs wouldn’t be as fun to listen to. Seems like everyone is viewing this too negatively.

3. [+132][-1] It’s not even like you’re criticising her for her half-assed attempt on stage, you’re criticising her for trying too hard – what kind of mindset is that kekeke NMIXX’s songs are just full of energy, and she’s just working hard on her dancing and facial expressions to match that. It will suit even less if she makes a dull face just to follow the trend.

4. [+132][-7] Ehh, but Jiwoo’s vocal tone hard-carried ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ though, wdym

5. [+103][-49] So I’m not the only one who feels that way about Jiwoo’s singing style… It was especially cringy in ‘DICE’…