BTS V x ‘Elle’, Global Bestseller in Korea and Japan, ‘All Kill #1’

A fashion magazine with V of BTS on the cover hit the bookstores by recording an ‘all kill #1’ at home and abroad.


1. [+104][-4] Apparently this is the JTBC Plus Building in Gangnam. This is what it means by ‘good things need to be seen big’ kekeke

2. [+88][-3] Wow, that’s amazing, he’s impressive. He really lives up to his name, superstar V.

3. [+82][-2] Congrats x2 The birth of an all-time legendary photoshoot, he’s cool

4. [+73][-1] As expected, there are many people like me. I’m sick of how indecisive I am.

5. [+70][-1] Daebak, I knew it would be great. I had a hunch from the time Celine’s website server crashed when Elle announced that V is the new Celine Boy. Of course the V x Elle magazine bestseller is going to fly off the shelves because he’s V, the most popular guy in the world.