Teaser for Jisoo’s Solo ‘FLOWER’ 

Another teaser of Jisoo’s solo came out

Seems like the name of the title track is ‘FLOWER’. I was expecting to be right about YG spelling the word ‘SOLO’ with the solo tracks of the 4 members ㅠㅠ Does the title of the b-side start with an ‘O’?

Anyway, I’m really really looking forward to it. Can’t believe it’s a Korean title (‘꽃’)…. It’s been too long

Even the font looks like a flower



1. [+62][-6] Me=Flower=Jisoo, I acknowledge

2. [+50][-2] Wow, ‘FLOWER’ in hangul (‘꽃’). It feels like a rose too, they really made this damn well.

3. [+41][-1] Did YG change up their design team? Why is the typography so well made?

4. [+31][-0] It became ‘SOLF’ LOLLLL

5. [+22][-6] Freaking beautiful