Sana Selected As the Ambassador of ESPOIR

Sana’s vibe changed, so dang pwetty ㅜ_ㅜ

I hereby offer a big bow to ESPOIR,,


1. [+365][-21] Just say she’s a commercial model, why’s everyone calling her an ambassador?

2. [+190][-23] So even dogs and cows are called ambassadors (meaning literally everyone). People who dunno might think it’s a luxury brand

3. [+95][-5] But rather than a brand like Etude House that only does fresh concepts, Sana fits better with a cutie-sexy vibe like ESPOIR’s.

4. [+83][-77] Even when other idols are being called ambassadors, y’all don’t say a word – why are y’all only like this to Sana..

5. [+49][-11] She’s really a princess