Bulgok High School 17-Year-Old Student TXT Choi Yeonjun

Bundang-gu Bulgok High School Grade 10 Class 5 Choi Yeonjun

This is just Grade 11 Class 5 Choi Yeonjun (23 years old) kekeke

To welcome the new semester, Inkigayo did an event yesterday where the MCs wore their old school uniforms 

Look at how his shoulders have grownㅠㅠ He grew up well, he grew up well.

He grew up well, he grew up well 2222222

He did a challenge with TNX too

Him in his school uniform everywhere, even in video form keke

Insane proportions…. I didn’t make his legs look longer, this is an original screenshot without any retouch

Choi Yeonjun-ssi’s juniors at Bulgok High school these days


I’m a new student at Bulgok High School. The student council members are holding this every morning ㅠㅠ Choi Yeonjun sunbae from Bulgok High School ㅠㅠ

[ Couple t-shirt with Choi Yeonjun from today onwards ]


1. [+37][-0] The best fox face╋fox face duo. Choi Yeonjun said (to Hwang Minhyun), ‘your handsomeness is too much!’ kekekekekeke

2. [+28][-0] So cute, how can he still be cute even when he grows up

3. [+24][-0] Wow….. good-looking

4. [+13][-0] His long legs;

5. [+13][-0] His body curves are fxxking awesome. It’s a shame for him to only be an idol. He should be a model too.