My Heart’s Racing Like This For the First Time Ever Since PD101 S2

I thought I’d never watch survival shows again

Sung Hanbin. Kim Jiwoong. Han Yujin. Zhang Hao. Kim Taerae. Kim Gyuvin. I’m going crazy.

+Heol whattt? This was just a random post, but it ended up on Talkers’ Choice

Why are there so many unhappy people, just pass by (and leave me alone) ㅠㅠㅠ


1. [+87][-106] Sung Hanbin is looking more and more like Jo Hyeryun (SK female comedian)

2. [+43][-23] I think I’m gonna turn insane, Kim Taerae saranghanda!

3. [+37][-26] The centre’s makeup is too heavy so it looks unnatural

4. [+24][-7] Just looking at the reviews by people who saw him yesterday, everyone’s going crazy because of how handsome Sung Hanbin is LOLLL Y’all are just getting antsy because you just wanna bash him for the sake of bashing right??  Y’all are dying to get him down from the number 1 throne right???

5. [+17][-1] Exactly, I didn’t know I’d go this crazy for <Boys Planet>