Stray Kids Sobbing

Stray Kids held a concert at Kyocera Dome in Japan as part of their world tour, and 5 out of 8 members cried.. keke

It was their first time at the dome, and they must’ve always wanted to go to the dome..

The leader / eldest hyung already crying after seeing the event (prepared by fans)

And the third eldest hyung – dwaeggi (Changbin’s nickname, meaning pig+rabbit)

+Lee Know and Hyunjin looking at the fans

Everyone hugging Changbin who was sobbing

Result = the dongsaengs sobbing too

Kim Seungmin cried on both days

I sobbed too

+Jisungie looking at the fans


1. [+42][-2] If I stood on this stage, I would have sobbed tooㅜ

2. [+31][-2] SKZ really accomplished so much by progressing one step after another. I just think they’re amazing and impressive, nothing else.

3. [+27][-1] So it seems like (performing at) the Dome is special – I didn’t know because I don’t know much about idols. So does that mean, all of the concerts for their previous world tour were held in other venues and not the Dome?? Anyway, I’m so proud of uri SKZ, congrats ㅠㅠㅠ I’m surprised because this is the first time Changbin’s crying like thatㅠ

4. [+18][-1] JjangKids, let’s be together for a long time ♥️

5. [+12][-1] Don’t cry, uri SKZ ㅜㅜㅜㅜ